DBM Team

Simona Kopová

Media Relations Director

has worked for DBM since 1997, currently as a Media Relations Director. She focuses on companies and brands primarily in the areas of health, food, retail and services. She has been working on agency CSR projects for a long time in the field of support for education of gifted children for the Qiido Endowment Fund, social network administration and digital content creation. She participated, for example, in an online project for Home Credit awarded by the Czech PR 2018 Award.

She is a graduate of Media Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague. She graduated from the Burson-Marsteller University professional training program in the United States, a London School of Public Relations course organized by the PR Agency in Prague, courses in new media and social networking. She was a juror in the professional competition of company publications Zlatý Středník.

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