DBM Team

Tomáš Jelínek

Executive Director / Public Affairs Director

has been working as a Senior Public Affairs Consultant with DBM since September 2005.

Prior to this, he was employed by the state administration and non-profit sector. He served in the Office of the President from 1996 to 2001, where he was mainly responsible for President Vaclav Havel’s economic agenda. In this capacity he helped organize, for example, a meeting of WBG/IMF representatives and non-governmental organizations at Prague Castle in 2000. Tomáš was involved with Nazi victims’ compensation issues when he represented the Czech Republic at the International Commission for Holocaust Era Insurance Claims headed by Lawrence Eagelburger. Further, Tomáš was part of an expert negotiating team on forced and slave labor compensation. He worked as an advisor to Minister Karel Dyba at the Ministry of Economy in 1995-1996.

Tomáš has been involved in the non-profit sector since 1998. Currently, he is serving as Chairman of the Board of the Institute for Social and Economic Analysis.

He graduated from the Civil Engineering Faculty at the Czech Technical University in Prague. Later he studied on postgraduate courses in theoretical economics at the Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education at Charles University, which he completed by only passing field and general exams by 1995. In 1999 he was granted a stipendium by the Pew Economic Freedom Fellows Program, which was organized by the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in the USA. He completed internships in France and the USA (World Bank and Labor Department).

He is fluent in English.

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