Opinions of Slovak journalists on selected issues concerning the media landscape in Slovakia

Conducted in: 2008

The survey was conducted in cooperation with the blog Slovak Press Watch in January 6-23, 2008 via online questionnaire. Out of 475 addressed journalists, 165 filled out the questionnaire (approximately 35% response rate). The main goal of the project was to generate an open and a qualified discussion with the journalists on ethical and social standards for the media. Key findings:

  • The most frequently cited negative factors impacting on Slovak journalism are low professional and ethical standards.
  • Clear rules on how to deal with gifts „definitely exist,“ according to one third of respondents, and „somewhat exist,“ according to another third of respondents.
  • Three-fourths of respondents had some experience with being offered gifts in the course of the past year.
  • Opinions on the propriety of accepting gifts varied: 42% are against receiving gifts under any circumstances, while 8% are always in favor. Roughly half would decide whether to accept a gift depending on its value (the more expensive, the less appropriate) and based on the circumstances of the gift-giving.
  • PR agencies lose credit for being annoying, pushy, for attempting to influence the content of news stories, and for distorting facts.
  • The greatest interference from companies comes in the form of the many ways they attempt to co-opt journalists, pressure from advertisers, and various forms of manipulation.
  • Within their own industry, journalists dislike unprofessional behavior, intentional misrepresentation of information, violations of privacy and accepting freebies.

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