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GTS: End of Monopoly

Year: 2001 - 2004

Communications with the media, issuance of press releases, organization of press conferences. Provision of information regarding GTS's new technological products and cooperation on preparing support material for the company's magazine for clients.

Communication of key messages of GTS to establish balance relations on the telecommunication market in the Czech Republic, where Cesky Telecom traditionally holds the strongest position. The coordination of alternative telecommunication providers in their cooperation on the liberalization of telecommunications services.

Preparation of Videomail featuring General Manager Milan Rusnak commenting on the event of collapse of  KPNQuest , the mother company of the back-then KPNQuest/GTS. Successful communication of the key message that the collapse of the mother company did not affect GTS Czech. To view the Videomail, please refer to  //www.dbm.cz/gts/indexWWW.asp?OSLOVENI=086225190101110253032112097110101032169101098107117044.

Contact: Michal Donath

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