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DBM has been providing public relations and public affairs services in the Czech Republic and Slovakia since 1991. Over two hundred major Czech, Slovak and multinational companies have been served by the Prague-based PR agency since.

Creative approach based on ethical principles and truthful facts is the key to business success of our clients. The agency uses a wide range of PR tools from press releases to modern marketing solutions represented by digital communications or integrated social media campaigns.

DBM’s scope of services covers, but is not limited to strategic communications consulting, crisis and reputation management, communications surveys, media training, press office services including print and electronic media monitoring and analysis as well as reputation building services for corporations and individuals.

6 DBM nominations turned into 5 Czech PR Awards

June 14, 2017 - DBM turned its nominations for the 2017 Czech PR Awards into trophies: 2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze and a Special Recognition Award. DBM’s project„Restoring Respect for the Long Departed“ won the 1st prizes in the State Administration, Public Service and NGO and Scoop of the Year categories and 2nd prize in Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy. A Special Recognition award for original approach and management of a crisis communication was bestowed on the "Crisis Poetry" project which was also awarded the 3rd prize in Scoop category. The Czech PR Awards recognize superior achievement in public relations, 310 entries courted jury’s favor this year.

Janota is the best post 1989 Finance Minister

March 2, 2017 - In the survey, conducted on the occasion of the 15th annual CFA Society Forecasting Dinner 2017, Eduard Janota was selected the best post 1989 Finance Minister. Only one-fifth (20.5%) of the respondents from the financial sector believe that the CNB will end its currency intervention later than mid-2017, more than two-fifths (43.0%) expect the exit earlier. The majority of those polled (56.8%) believe that the coalition cabinet has failed to fulfill most of its pre-election pledges. These are the key findings of the survey in which a total of 1,593 respondents took part in. The invitation was extended to 8,855 individuals (18%) including members of the CFA Society CR, readers of the electronic bulletin The Fleet Sheet‘s Final Word published by Erik Best and leading figures of the Czech business and financial sector. You can find a completed final report here.


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