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DBM has been providing public relations and public affairs services in the Czech Republic and Slovakia since 1991. Over two hundred major Czech, Slovak and multinational companies have been served by the Prague-based PR agency since.

Creative approach based on ethical principles and truthful facts is the key to business success of our clients. The agency uses a wide range of PR tools from press releases to modern marketing solutions represented by digital communications or integrated social media campaigns.

DBM’s scope of services covers, but is not limited to strategic communications consulting, crisis and reputation management, communications surveys, media training, press office services including print and electronic media monitoring and analysis as well as reputation building services for corporations and individuals.

DBM to score at the prestigious European Excellence Awards 2017

Dec 4, 2017 - DBM succeeded in this year's 11th European Excellence Awards. The “Crisis Poetry” project summarizing public relations and public affairs activities in support of a villa project in Petřiny, Prague, has been shortlisted by the EAA jury among five most excellent communication projects in the regional category Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia. In total, almost 2,000 projects in all categories courted favour of a 35-member Jury. The criteria by which the projects were judged by were innovation, implementation, strategy and public impact of the projects submitted.

Czech Transplant Foundation celebrated in Prague's Bethlehem Chapel

October 12, 2017 - The Czech Transplantation Foundation of Karel Pavlik (CTF) celebrated its 25th anniversary in the Bethlehem Chapel in Prague. The Beneficial Gala called “The Five Chapters from the Book on Transplants” was held under the auspices of Tomas Zima, rector of Charles University. The individual Chapters of the Gala were described significant success stories concerning uterine, lung, bone marrow and liver transplants. The Grand finale honoured the memory of Dr. Vladimír Kočandrle, the surgeon who led the first successful heart transplant in former Czechoslovakia in 1984. The Gala, culminated with a silent auction, was organized by CTF Foundation together with the civic association Alžběta and the Czech Transplant Society. The auction proceeds exceeded CZK 70,000. DBM has been supporting the Czech Transplantation Foundation pro bono for 11 years. For further images please click here.


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