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DBM has been providing public relations and public affairs services in the Czech Republic and Slovakia since 1991. Over two hundred major Czech, Slovak and multinational companies have been served by the Prague-based PR agency since.

Creative approach based on ethical principles and truthful facts is the key to business success of our clients. The agency uses a wide range of PR tools from press releases to modern marketing solutions represented by digital communications or integrated social media campaigns.

DBM’s scope of services covers, but is not limited to strategic communications consulting, crisis and reputation management, communications surveys, media training, press office services including print and electronic media monitoring and analysis as well as reputation building services for corporations and individuals.

Survey: Cybersecurity a problem, Russian investments a threat.

February 11, 2016 - Survey on the occasion of the 14th CFA Society Forecasting Dinner 2016 shows that:
The CNB will not refrain from its policy of interventions - The majority (53.6%) expect the CNB to continue its current policy of intervention. Fewer than one-fourth (23.6%) expect the Bank’s new board to terminate the policy later this year.
Russian investment a threat, geopolitical interests behind Chinese investment -Russian investments are mostly (53.1%) perceived as a threat, Chinese rather as an opportunity (61.8%). The majority of the respondents (63.0%) see geopolitical interests and goals as the main strategy of Chinese investment; less than a third (30.9%) believe China is looking for long-term investment.
Islamic terrorism is unlikely, corporate cyber security inadequate - the respondents see the risk of Islamic terrorist attacks as relatively small (likelihood 33%). The majority (63.1%) believe Czech firms do not pay adequate attention to their own cyber security. See more

Pafko and Lischke Win Czech Transplant Foundation Prize

November 11, 2016 - The Czech Transplant (Karel Pavlik) Foundation bestowed its 2015 award for transplant medicine development on Czech surgeons Pavel Pafko and Robert Lischke of Motol University Hospital. The foundation commenced bestowing annual awards to Czech and foreign scientists who have made an extraordinary and significant contribution to the development of transplant medicine in 1998. This year’s laureates won the prestigious award for starting and developing the lung transplant program in 1997 in the Czech Republic. In previous years the Prize has been awarded e.g. to Swedish surgeon Mats Brännström for womb transplant or to Bohdan Pomahač, a Czech surgeon, living in the USA, for the first whole face transplant. Czech Television, Studio 6, Nov 21, 2016


09. 01. 2017 - WMSBG Kolel Damesek EliezerKolel Damesek Eliezer: Prostějov, město kulturních památek
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30. 11. 2016 - WMSBG Kolel Damesek EliezerMěsto Prostějov s rozkladem u MK ČR neuspělo
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29. 11. 2016 - Jiří ŠaldaMajitel vily v černém nepochybil
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27. 11. 2016 - WMSBG Kolel Damesek EliezerPředstavitelé Prostějova uctili výročí slavného rabína
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24. 11. 2016 - VoZP ČRGŘ VoZP oznámil úmysl rezignovat
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22. 11. 2016 - Česká transplantační nadacePafko a Lischke získali cenu České transplantační nadace (fotografie)
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